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Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) and Stand Up Paddle Board Surfing (Stand Up Surfing) has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent years. 

In Hawaii all the surfing breaks are now visited by Stand Up Paddlers and some of the most renown Hawaiian watermen and waterwomen have started Stand Up Paddle Surfing with a passion, rediscovering all the surfing breaks of their youth. 

They enjoy being able to see the coral reef, and reap the benefits of the great exercise that Stand Up Paddling provides for the legs and abdomen and arms and the whole body. 

Many middle aged women who were never seen out by the surf breaks are now coming out in groups, and it has become an activity for small children who do Stand Up Paddling with their parents near shore. Many people choose not to try and ride the waves but just enjoy Stand Up Paddle Boarding up calm rivers or along the shore. 

In the midwest people are Stand Up Paddling on lakes, and back in Hawaii some people have decided they like to do long distance SUP along remote coastal areas and even go Stand Up Paddling across the open ocean channels from one island to the next. 

With the rapid growth of this sport there is no telling where it will be a few years from now, and in recent months some of the world best surfers have been pioneering the sport at some of the word's most famous big wave surfing breaks. 

The world of ocean sports has found a new love, and it is called Stand Up Paddling, and Stand Up Paddle Surfing. It is so easy that you can enjoy it on your very first try with the right board and the right tips on how to get started. 

Enjoy a morning paddle to the sunrise, a lunch break in the water on your Stand Up Board, or a moonlit evening Stand Up Paddling up a meandering river. Thank you so much for visiting our website -

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