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How To Stand Up Paddle Board - The Craze Continues

Many people who have never wanted to take up the sport of surfing have decided to learn how to stand up paddle board and now they are absolutely hooked on it. There is no laying on your belly and crawling across the water. Nope! Instead you are standing tall and proud, looking out over the water and dipping your paddle in like Tom Sawyer in Mississippi. 

Once you try it a few times you will never even fall in the water and so if you don't want to get wet you don't have to. Just glide over the surface of the sea or lake or river on your Stand Up Paddleboard and enjoy the fresh air, some good exercise, and a very relaxing activity that will keep you coming back for more.

Once you have your board and paddle the sport is free, and healthy, and a great thing to do with a partner. Impress your date by taking her or him out for their first Stand Up Paddle Session - it is a blast, and so fun. And for those who want more thrills, Stand Up Paddle Boards make it easier to catch the waves even than surfers because you can generate more speed on your board much faster than a surfer is able to using just their arms, and generating speed when the wave comes is what helps you catch the waves. 

Stand Up Paddlers get all of the best waves, and then get back out to the lineup faster for more waves. Everyone who tries it loves Stand Up Paddleboarding. Learn how to Stand Up Paddleboard and you can also enjoy this thrilling, fun new sport that is sweeping the world, growing each year by leaps and bounds for a very good reason - it is healthy, fun and free. 

The Stand Up Paddle Board craze and Stand Up Paddle Surfing began its huge popularity in the Hawaiian Islands with many of the top surfers taking up the sport and suddenly showing up in the surfing line-up on their Stand Up Boards and riding the waves from the furthest outside breaks all the way to the shore. 

Soon the sport of Stand Up Paddling, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, and Stand Up Paddle Surfing took hold in California and then quickly began to move its way across the country as people began riding their Stand Up Paddle Boards on lakes and rivers in all fifty states and surfing the waves of the south coast and east coast too!

Soon people were journeying down to Mexican waters and Central America and South America to explore the known surfing areas and even brand new areas that they could get to on their Stand Up Paddle Boards and then try Stand Up Paddle Surfing in these remote areas. 

Everywhere that people surf they began to Stand Up Paddle Board Surf and it was so fun that more and more people began to enjoy this wonderful new sport.

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